Saturday, March 14, 2015

Amazing Unexplainable Frequencies

Welcome to the Unexplainable Frequencies

These are recordings of audible frequencies to allow yourself to tune in to a specific goal that you want. Unlike brainwave entrainment targetting the lower brainwave states, the recordings are frequencies which are within the range of human hearing. These pure direct frequencies can heal you or whatever it is that you desire depending on the package.

Below are some sessions that are available from Unexplainable Enterprises, they were the creators of the famous Unexplainable Store.
  • Open the third eye chakra, brow chakra
  • Beauty, Love, Sexuality, Self-Appreciation, Harmony
  • Increase alerness, anger management, vigor
  • Total knowing
  • Strengthen your heart, feel warmth
  • Experience meditation as dedicated monks do
  • Helps with fatigue and sinuses
  • Associated with fat cells
  • Manifest your reality
  • Remote viewing
  • Experience lucid dreaming
  • Gain wealth and prosperity
....and many more

To learn more about the packages and sessions, visit: